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Selling Real Estate

Homes Okanagan Sales Action Plan to Get Your Home Sold

Homes Okanagan Sales Objective


  1. To get as many qualified buyers as possible into your home.
  2. To communicate the results of our activities to you.
  3. To assist you in getting the highest dollar value for your property with the least amount of inconvenience.


Two things sell homes: Price and Exposure – Overpricing is the main reason that homes do not sell! Price is 80% of your marketing.

  • Remember the first 2 – 3 weeks are the most crucial!
  • Re/Max sells over 50% of the homes in Vernon.
  • Working with the best will increase your home’s selling potential.


 Prepare Your Home to Make It Appealing


So you’ve decided to sell your home. Let’s take a look at all the things you can do to increase your chances of success.

Almost all buyers have certain priorities in mind when they are in the market for a home. By the time a potential buyer(s) makes an offer to purchase, they have most likely visited numerous residences, which have met their basic day to day needs.

What makes a buyer choose one home over another?

Once the basic requirements have been met, choosing a home becomes an emotional decision for a buyer. They will weigh the pros and cons carefully, but in the end they’ll more often then not choose the one that “feels” right.

So how do you make your home stand out over and above the completion? The key is to communicate subconsciously by appealing to the five senses.

Seven sure fire tips to tip the scales in your favour:

  1. Have your visitors greeted with the scent of fresh bread being baked or the aroma of freshly baked homemade apple pie. (Recipe: 1 c. water, 1 or 2 apples halved, 3 Tbsp cinnamon, bake casserole dish at 350 )
  2. Have soft music playing in the background
  3. Give the impression of space and airiness by removing bulky furniture, any extra knick-knacks, open the curtains and turn on extra lights.
  4. Display colour photos of outdoor views during different seasons near the front and back doors.
  5. Create welcoming home atmosphere by displaying family photographs tastefully arranged here and there, but do not go overboard!
  6. Create a warm atmosphere by lighting a fire, turn on lamps rather than overhead lights, close curtains in the evening.
  7. Make your guests’ feel comfortable when viewing your home by preparing a spot for their coats and shoes and/or boots.

These 7 tips can be extremely successful during open houses. For private viewings be creative and do whatever you can on short notice to make your home appealing.

Remember, the quicker you sell your home the faster you will be able to start and enjoy your life in your new home!

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